Bespoke Tuxedo

Do it right the first time – and do it with class

Custom tuxedo process

Leave rentals to high schoolers attending prom. Get fitted for a tuxedo that you can truly call yours. Pick every element and let us custom make your tuxedo to fit you for the most formal of occasions. When the invite says “black tie”, leave no doubt you’ll follow the dress code.

Begin with the fit: We use the same made-to-measure process for custom tuxedos as we do our custom suits. Learn more about our process here. We don’t cut corners, only cloth. All tuxedos are fully canvased. We provide a second fitting to adjust the garment and alterations are included. Let your fit specialist focus on making a tuxedo fit you perfectly.

Decide on fabric & design details: Whether it’s a traditional approach in black with peak grosgrain lapels and no vents or a modern midnight navy satin shawl collar with dual vents — or something wildly eccentric — we walk you thru your options. We can help you stick to the black tie rulebook or bend them a bit. No detail is overlooked.

No shirt? No worries: Complete the look and use Hall Madden to fit you for a custom tuxedo shirt. Go old school with a wing collar, pleated bib front and studs or go modern with a fly front, spread collar and plain front.

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