Bespoke Overcoats

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Bespoke overcoat process

Overcoats off the rack are no different than suits off the rack: they’re made to fit everyone and not made to fit you. With a bespoke overcoat, you not only get to design every detail but also get the same attention to fit as our bespoke suits.

Fitting process: It sounds counter-intuitive, but we begin by fitting you for a suit jacket. We then use these measurements to extrapolate your overcoat fit pattern. Then your fit specialist will discuss your desired jacket length with you. We can make coats that go down to your mid-calf, just past the knee, or at the thigh. The choice is yours.

Pick your fabric: In addition to solid, plain wool weaves, we also offer cashmere for a lighter and warmer option. Also, take a look at seasonal choices that offer unique blends of cashmere and silk. If you’re interested in textures and patterns, we have choices for those, too, for a more bold coat.

Designed by you: Just like a suit coat, we offer many options for pocket styles, closures, lapels, contrasting velvet collars, buttons, and liners. Go for something simple and classic or make something outside the norm. Your fit specialist will guide you through every detail.

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